Conversations with Linden Alumnae

Ask an Alumna - Virtual Session.
Moderated by Ayesha Barmania, Class of 2011

Panel Members

Criona Bryson, Class of 2011

Mahal De La Durantaye, Class of 2015

Kailah Kilfoyle, Class of 2022

Jazz Stocker-Witterick, Class of 2023

Annabel Westell, Class of 2011.
Annabel Westell discusses her work studying deep-diving whales.

Toni Spilfogel, Class of 2018.
Featuring Toni's research to support green chemistry.

Madison Posluns, Class of 2017.
Madison reflects on Linden, leadership and where engineering and design meet.

Raha Mahmoudi, Class of 2011.
Raha discusses being on the front lines fighting Covid-19 and serving marginalized communities.

Jillian Zsolt, Class of 2010.
Jillian discusses her career in environmental sciences.

Melanie Hickey.
Melanie Hickey discusses her experience as a Linden parent.

Onyka Gairey, Class of 2012.
Onyka discusses her work in global health and plans for medical school.

Jillian Zsolt

Jillian Zsolt, Class of 2010.
Jillian discusses her career in environmental sciences.

Monica Geary

Monica Geary, Class of 2012.

 Monica talks about her experience at university and how it has shaped her career path.

Thandiwe Konguavi

Thandiwe Konguavi, Class of 2005.

Thandiwe discusses her accomplishments and career in digital news media.

Arlie Millyard

Natasha Poley, Class of 2015.

Natasha discusses her experiences at the University of Waterloo and her co-curricular interests.

Tara Moayed

Corey Gulkin, Class of 2005.

Corey shares thoughts on her accomplishments and budding musical career.

Arlie Millyard

Arlie Millyard, Class of 2011.

Arlie talks about her experiences at university and beyond.

Tara Moayed

Tara Moayed, Class of 2005.

Tara discusses her current work in international development.

Gillian Gardhouse

Gillian Gardhouse, P.Eng., Class of 2004.

Gillian discusses her career choices and future plans.

Emma Thomson

Emma Thomson, Class of 2013.

Emma discusses her studies and her work with various startups.

Christina Doherty

Christina Doherty, Class of 2015.

Christina shares her thoughts on being a first year Kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo.

Alannah Bloch

Alannah Bloch, Class of 2011.

Alannah discusses her new show The Wyrd Sisters, and her roles as actor, director, and playwright.