Linden Alumnae

Linden Alumnae

Linden offers an enriched, challenging academic program that helps students gain the knowledge, work habits, research, writing, and critical-thinking skills they need to succeed at university. Although we emphasize math and science, we offer a range of high school courses including AP courses, visual and performing arts, social sciences, languages (Spanish, and French), business and computer studies. Our students receive extensive individual guidance in choosing university programs and exploring career options.

We have a 100% university acceptance rate, and our students enter university with unshakable confidence, intellectual curiosity, and the desire to innovate. Whether leading their school’s debating club, excelling in athletics, performing in drama productions, or simply having the confidence to ask questions in a lecture hall of 300 people, Linden graduates use their strong voices to make their mark. Our alumnae have gone on to achieve success in a wide range of careers spanning the performing arts, global advocacy and education, business and technology, and science and engineering.

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University Admission Trends for the Past Five Years

Our graduating classes apply to universities across Canada and receive offers to a range of programs. Recent graduates show strong interest in science and business programs at the post-secondary level. Some of our recent placements include:

University of Western Ontario – Psychology
University of Victoria – Women and Gender Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University – Business and Economics
University of Waterloo- Co-op Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Biology, Business
Ryerson University - Business, Sports Media, Communications
University of Guelph – Arts and Sciences  
University of Toronto – Arts and Science, Neuroscience
McGill University – Health Sciences, Physical, Earth, Math and C Science
Concordia University – Art Education
Sheridan College – Visual and Creative Arts