Meet Our Principal




Zahra Valani, Principal

The Linden School is a socially progressive community where innovative best practices in girls' education promote and strengthen student voice, well-being, academic excellence, and global engagement. We are dedicated to inclusivity, fostering a genuinely student-driven culture where students actively seize leadership opportunities and confidently contribute to the making of our academic and social community.

At Linden, we go beyond the role of educators; we act as mentors and advocates, prioritizing the growth and well-being of each student under our care. Through collaboration with outstanding educators, dedicated staff, supportive parents, and the broader community, we collectively foster an empowering environment where girls and gender-fluid students can excel academically, socially, and personally.

The pedagogy and philosophy of The Linden School were shaped by influential educators and theorists dedicated to women's equality and social change. Our school embraces Carol Gilligan's "ethics of care," recognizing that learning is not solely intellectual but profoundly relational. Decades of research on gender and learning have shown that girls thrive in collaborative environments, a principle we uphold through our pedagogy and a strong sense of community.

Intellectual risk is a cornerstone of our approach. We encourage respectful dissent and foster enthusiasm for inquiry and interdisciplinary exploration. We challenge ourselves and others through independent thinking, well-informed opinions, and critical debate.

While exploring our website, you will uncover the distinctive features that set The Linden School apart. For those eager to delve deeper into our unique approach, we invite you to attend an Open House or connect with our Admissions team. We look forward to extending a warm welcome and providing further insights into the exceptional qualities that define our school.

Warm regards,


Zahra Valani

Principal, The Linden School