Referral Program

Linden Referral Incentive Program 

Many Linden families are part of the community because of an enthusiastic recommendation from a friend or family member. Your referrals are the most effective way to build, nurture and safeguard our community.

We are launching the Linden Referral Incentive Program to show our appreciation to community members who demonstrate their trust and confidence by bringing new families to The Linden School.  


Our Goals:

We believe that increasing enrollment through  the Linden Referral Incentive Program  will 

  • Strengthen our community by rewarding Linden community members who identify families who may be a good fit at Linden.
  • Provide an opportunity to reach out and strengthen relationships with Linden supporters.
  • Raise our profile in the Greater Toronto Area.



For each student referred to The Linden School, the person who referred the student will receive an incentive payment once that student has enrolled, attended school, and paid all tuition for the school year. To be eligible for this incentive payment, all of the following must occur:

  1. The student must be enrolled for the 2024-25 school year.
  2. The referring person’s name must be listed on the student’s Application for Admission to answer the question, “How did you learn about The Linden School?”
  3. The student must be new to The Linden School, i.e., they do not already have a child enrolled in or registered in any grade at Linden.

The referral source must be:

  • A current employee
  • A parent of a current student
  • Former parents and alumni


Incentive Payments:

A one-time incentive payment will be awarded to the referring person* as follows:

  • To current parents: $500 tuition discount per family referred 
  • To The Linden School employees: $500 cheque per family referred
  • To former parents and alumni: $500 cheque per family referred

* If more than one person is named on the student’s Application for Admission, the incentive payment will be divided equally among each named referring person.


Other Terms & Conditions:

  • The referred family’s enrollment must continue in good standing for the full academic year.
  • Parents may not refer their own children.
  • In the event of a conflict or deemed abuse of the Linden Referral Incentive Program, Linden reserves the right to settle all disputes. Linden’s resolution will be a final determination. In addition, Linden reserves the right not to accept an application or to withdraw an offer.
  • The Linden Referral Incentive Program may be discontinued at any time at Linden’s discretion.  Linden reserves the right to change any information.