Sports Teams

Our program is unique because all girls are welcome to participate in a variety of teams—there are no tryouts or “cuts” made since we believe that every girl can be an athlete. Our sports teams are very competitive and make it to the playoff rounds in almost every tournament/league sport, often winning medals and banners! Thanks to our 91% participation rate in sports, students learn all the skills that come from being part of a team: cooperation, goal setting, risk-taking, positive communication, processing emotions in public, resiliency, and celebrating themselves and others.

U20 Ultimate
U10 - U20 Cross-Country
U14 Indoor Soccer
U14 and U20 Basketball
U14 and U20 Volleyball
U14 and U20 Ball Hockey
U14 and U20 Soccer
U12-U20 Track and Field


Holistic Wellness

Our Growing Minds and Growing Bodies course takes a holistic approach towards strengthening our students’ body, mind, and soul. 

Physical Education, health classes, and daily physical activity sessions all create an atmosphere for healthy risk-taking and building positive relationships with peers. Students discover their personal strengths and share in the celebration of the strengths of their classmates. The lessons go beyond the expected curriculum, offering a comprehensive understanding of physical and emotional wellness, enabling even the youngest students to be reflective about their actions, feelings, and efforts.

This unique, action-packed, and fun-filled environment breeds self-esteem and a strong sense of self that impacts all aspects of the Linden student's life.

Fast, Fit, and Fierce

Fast, fit, and fierce are words often used to motivate and describe our phys-ed students because of their commitment to challenging personal fitness. A focus on cardiovascular training and strength-based exercises is integral to the creation of a strong, confident, and healthy body AND mind.

Skill Development

Through creative sport-specific drills and vigorous fitness activities, the girls refine and hone their skill development in a variety of sports. Linden PE offers a wide range of sporting units to offer students opportunities to test their physical prowess at a number of skills.


Athletics in Middle School

Linden students have the opportunity to participate in sports such as soccer, ball hockey, basketball and track and field. Joining a sports team does not require tryouts. No one is cut from an after school sports team or judged on their beginning skill level. This unique environment allows students to improve their technique. Breeding self-esteem and a strong sense of self is our way of using sports to empower our students. 

Health Class in Senior School

Our health education program is based on the most recent and credible research about what is best for girls and young women, and takes a holistic approach towards strengthening student body, mind, and soul. Linden’s progressive health classes have always exceeded curriculum expectations. We believe that girls should be equipped with accurate and current information about all aspects of health—mental, social, emotional, physical, and sexual—in order to make the best choices for their own personal situations.

We offer a safe and supportive environment where girls feel comfortable discussing diverse topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity, consent, and positive elements of healthy relationships and behaviours. Linden’s emphasis on inclusivity means that we always welcome diverse perspectives within the classroom.

So, lace up your running shoes, bring your water bottle and come join us for a unique and high energy gym experience!


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