Tuition & Financial Information

Annual Fees

All fees due to The Linden School must be paid by the commencement of each term for a student to attend classes.

Additional Charges

The Linden School’s tuition fees cover the majority of student activities, and we aim to keep additional charges to a minimum. 

Sibling Deductions

Second and subsequent siblings will receive 10% off the current tuition. This discount only applies as long as more than one sibling is attending school. One sibling from the family must be full fee-paying. The 10% discount will be applied to the tuition of the lowest paying sibling. For more information please email [email protected]


Linden's Commitment to Equity

The Linden School lives up to its values of diversity and inclusivity. Last year, 20% of our students benefited from a Linden education thanks to the school’s generous bursary policy. Bursary awards are based solely upon the family’s demonstrated need, as determined by Linden’s Bursary Committee. While we are unable to provide bursaries that cover full tuition, our Bursary Committee will do its best to meet demonstrated need. We expect that parents, as much as they are able, will bear the primary responsibility for financing their daughter’s education, which can sometimes be at the expense of other discretionary expenditures.

Bursary Application Process

The process to apply for a bursary begins with the submission of an application to Apple Financial Services, a third-party organization that provides an unbiased evaluation of an applicant’s financial resources and ability to fund their private education. Applications to Apple Financial must be submitted by January 15th in order to receive a response by the Common Offer Date, February 22nd.  Applications received after January 15th will be evaluated as space and funds allow.

Families who have been awarded bursaries previously must re-apply each year. Awards may be adjusted if family financial circumstances change significantly.

Supporting Linden

We ask recipient families to volunteer their time at the school in various capacities. We value your willingness to share your time and expertise.