Tara Moayed: Pursuing a Passion for International Development

Posted by Admin on January 11, 2016 at 12:35 PM



Tara Moayed joined Linden in Grade 7 and graduated in 2005. She recently spoke with us about her current work in international development.

Linden: Tell us about your career path after graduating from Linden.

Tara: After graduating from Linden I went on to study Political Science at the University of Waterloo. After getting my Master’s Degree I interned for the UN Refugee Agency in Hungary, and then went to Botswana to work for the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Subsequent to that, I spent two years with UNICEF in Toronto.

Currently, I am living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a Policy Manager for the Aga Khan Foundation. It’s an exciting time to be in Afghanistan with the change of government and the reduction of international forces. Through this position, I’m working closely with the Government of Afghanistan, international development agencies, UN agencies and others, to draft policies and strategies related to rural development, women's economic empowerment, and sub-national governance.

Linden: What advice would you have for Linden students interested in pursuing careers in international development?

Tara: Find your passion, and follow it. After high school, don’t just go to university to study something that you’re good at. Use your time at Linden to find the one thing that you will want to keep doing and learning about every single day for the rest of your life. That’s the only way you will be happy. And on the more tangible side, when choosing your university, pick one with a good co-op program. It's a competitive field and the best way to stand out is by having two years of work experience when you graduate.

Linden: What lasting impact has Linden had on your life?

Tara: It’s impossible for me to quantify the impact Linden has had on my life. Linden has made me the person I am. But perhaps most importantly, my time at Linden helped me discover my passion and gave me the skills I needed to make a successful career from it. And I am thankful for that every single day.