Student Advising


Supportive Environment

The Linden School's approach to guidance and student advising emphasizes girls' social learning, responsibility and self-advocacy.

In our elementary grades, we work proactively to build a sense of community, emotional well-being and healthy conflict resolution.

In the middle school years, we explore a range of issues relevant to this developmental stage. Among these are positive friendships, stress management and study skills. Our middle school program sets students up for a successful high school experience.

From grades 9 to 12 we examine time management, body image, social media and preparation for post-secondary education. 

Academic Guidance and Counselling

At Linden, we pay a great deal of attention to academic advising. Students benefit from our 100% university acceptance rate and thrive at university once they get there. We believe that there is a direct correlation between our strong program, effective teaching and academic advising, and the fact that Linden students excel at university with a 0% dropout rate. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Linden students have the advantage of receiving individualized academic planning and advice from our full-time Guidance and Learning Counsellor. The counsellor focuses on student well-being, interpersonal skills, and academic planning to facilitate student transition from junior to middle school, and from high school to university.

Study Hall

Middle and high school girls can join a supervised study period offered Monday–Thursday from 4:00 PM–5:00 PM. Girls are able to complete their homework under the guidance of a skilled Linden educator, work independently, or collaborate with each other on a special project.

Extra Academic Coaching

Quite often, Linden faculty will be available for extra coaching sessions and to help answer student questions and concerns about projects and homework. Our students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and seek out faculty for help whenever it’s needed.