Junior School

Junior School



Linden exceeds Ministry expectations by offering an academically advanced framework that challenges students to think critically, to examine, to build, to take apart, and to discover. We know that learning doesn’t just happen in your daughter’s mind. It happens in her hands and her heart, too. That’s why, in our Junior School (Grades 1–6), we support girls in becoming active, enthusiastic participants in their education right from the start. Our teachers encourage students to explore the world around them by showing them many different ways to learn by using girl-centred teaching strategies that embrace a variety of learning styles.


In the course of a day, your daughter may visit our nearby park to observe the growth patterns of trees; learn about time by using her body to create the hands of a clock; write a haiku poem by clapping out the syllables; and improve her reading skills during free reading time. Above all, we encourage students to ask. A Linden girl can never ask too many questions, because we know that it’s asking questions, being heard, and receiving answers that gives girls the confidence to develop and use their voices.


Junior students stay with their core teachers in their homerooms for the majority of the school day; core teachers instruct students in English, math, science, art, and social studies. Specialists in French, computer studies, physical education, music and drama teach these subjects. We also give girls many opportunities to unwind throughout the day. During morning recess and lunch, students relax and play on our recently renovated rooftop playground. We also offer several lunchtime clubs for Junior students, including Digital Club, Yoga Club and Math Club.