Why Small Classes?

Class size matters. So does high-quality teaching grounded in research-based pedagogy.

“As class size decreases, achievement increases.
The more years spent in reduced classes, the longer lasting the benefits.”
—Center for Public Education

Class size is often top of mind when prospective parents call us to learn more about Linden’s program. "Research shows that smaller classes allow for a quieter and less distracting learning environment. Students don't 'slip through the cracks and they receive more attention from teachers," says Linden Principal Nasrin Matini.

Our classes are kept intentionally small. Having a class of 10–12 students allows teachers more time and space to differentiate Linden's program to each learner’s needs while identifying gaps and areas of growth. In larger classes things often get missed; in smaller settings, teachers can catch any academic or social issues quickly.

Linden often attracts public school students who find themselves unsupported, or bored and unchallenged when their teachers simply don’t have enough time to devote to their needs. Such a sink-or-swim scenario simply doesn’t happen at Linden, and we are able to achieve great results within a very short time. Small class settings allow students to overcome their shyness, and speak more often and whenever they wish to, rather than waiting for their turn to speak in a room of 20 or 30 students. Teachers can also take the time to explain lessons, hear student perspectives, questions, and misconceptions, and shape their learning in a way that sparks student interest and invites further exploration.

Linden parents Brian Klunder and Melanie Hickey (who is also a former Linden student) share this perspective. “We see the benefits of Linden's program with its small class size on a daily basis. Thanks to the individualized attention she receives, our daughter is making significant strides with her reading and writing, has the opportunity to do multifaceted science and art projects, interacts well with her classmates, and most importantly, loves school.”


We invite you to explore the top 10 ways girls benefit from Linden’s small classes:

  1. More teacher attention
    Teachers have more time to respond to students, allowing them to ask questions, satisfy their intellectual curiosity, and delve deeper into their lessons to absorb the subject matter.
  2. More differentiated teaching
    Smaller classes allow faculty to really get to know each student’s strengths and gaps. One-on-one attention boosts their academic progress throughout the year.
  3. More curriculum covered
    With fewer students, we can cover more areas of our curriculum within a week than we could if we had a class of 20 or 30 students, allowing us to deliver a far more enriched program.
  4. More teaching excellence
    In addition to core classroom teachers, elementary students also have the advantage of being taught by specialists in STEM, art, music, physical, and health education. All Linden teachers have expertise in girl-centred pedagogy.
  5. More teacher feedback
    Students receive prompt feedback from their teachers, who have more time to prepare in-depth assessments based on careful observations that are highly useful to students and their parents.
  6. More confidence and leadership
    Our students thrive in smaller environments. They confidently asking questions and leading conversations and activities of their choice.
  7. More dependable relationships
    As experts in girl-centred teaching, we know that relationships really matter to girls. At Linden, students have access to powerful and dependable relationships with faculty who are there to guide them on how to advocate for themselves and develop resilience within classroom settings.
  8. More social skills
    Smaller classes allow us to identify social problems early on, and strategize on developing problem-solving skills. We help girls foster kindness, compassion, and open communication; Linden girls often make friends for life.
  9. More participation in school-wide events
    Leadership opportunities abound. All students collaborate in school-wide activities and participate in events such as our STEM fair.
  10. More sense of community
    All students get to know each other across all grade levels, leading to wonderful mentorship opportunities and exchanges between older and younger students.

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