Model UN 2018, Copenhagen: Daily Blog #4

Posted by Admin on April 21, 2018 at 9:26 AM


Each year, Linden students from Grade 11 participate in Rysensteen Gymnasium’s Model UN in Copenhagen. Below is the fourth in a series of blogs from the 2018 event.

Copenhagen: A New Adventure

By Lili Lalonde, Grade 11

Today we went out for a walk around Copenhagen. Kristiane, my homestay host, and I left the apartment at 8:48 pm. We met with the others at 9:25 am and visited Christiana, another homestay host. We saw the most amazing scenery. There are a lot of buildings from the seventeen hundreds to now. All containing rich history. We went to the Rosenborg Castle Gardens (King’s Garden) and got ice cream at 11:00 am. We continued walking until we met with our chaperons for Tivoli. We ate at Burger Woodhouse Coffee for lunch. We went on so many rides until we got tired. We left Tivoli at 5:00 pm and stopped at The Italian for dinner. Because my host was still at work; I walked home with one of my chaperons. I got back at 9:00 pm.


The time difference and jet lag has been hard to handle sometimes. Every time I get back to the apartment I fall asleep. I have a fun adventure every day, and the weather is fantastic compared to Toronto. People here bike every day and everywhere. The city is small (1 million citizens) so bumping into someone you know is quite common.


My homestay host is really fun. Kristiane has shown me so many beautiful areas in Copenhagen. We take the subway in the morning since we are in a hurry, but in the afternoon we walk. I was able to see new styles of architecture like rococo and expressionism. These styles are quite common in Europe. Kristiane likes to tell me facts about certain buildings which makes the adventure more delightful. I mostly enjoy going on walks and listening to people speaking in Danish. It is interesting to hear other languages. I can’t wait for the remaining days in Copenhagen to create new fun memories.

Tak for at have læst mit blogindlæg (Thanks for reading my blog post).

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