U20 Soccer SSAF Champions!

Posted by Admin on June 05, 2019 at 7:34 PM

By Deidre Macpherson

I love soccer. With the Women's World Cup tournament right around the corner, I was even more excited for Linden’s U20 soccer season. From our first practice, our team exemplified hard work, resilience and determination - we practiced in foot long grass and amongst huge mud puddles. We practice with no lines, no nets and uneven ground. These athletes are tough. After our first practice, I told Coach Nasrin, "We can win this banner."

You know the ending...on tournament day they played such amazing soccer: organized, patient passing, well-timed defensive challenges and unrelenting offensive attacks. Nasrin and I were so proud of their powerful play on the pitch, but even more so proud of their positivity and encouragement on and off the field to each other.

Congratulations Isobel, Sophia, Ellie, Lili, Ellen, Sophie, Edie, Juliana, Rowan, Inty, Sam, Kaleda, Chloe, Fei and Nadia!