The Runaways by Vanja, Grade 4

Posted by Melody Barclay on May 25, 2020 at 10:37 AM

Students in junior grades have been creating written works based on their interests and choices. Check out the first excerpt of this suspenseful tale of two young people on the run.

Image from: Phys.Org - Europe's Lost Forests

The Runaways, Excerpt 1

It was a cold and stormy night when I heard a knock on my door. BANG BANG BANG! It was Jay. He had come to tell me that they were after us. Wait! Let's start from the beginning. First of all, my name is Star. Twelve years ago, Jay and I lived by ourselves. No parents, no one. Just me and him. We were only five when they came (I know only five!). Anyway, they were normal people except with weapons in their hands. The first thing we could think of was... RUN! 

They have been chasing us ever since. A few years later we were 12 and we are a lot smarter. We had an apartment that was abandoned years ago. Jay had a job, everything was fine. Now let's go back to where we left off, we hid upstairs underneath our bed. Until there was a big BOOM! Then we heard the most tender voice saying, “Jay? Star? You have to get out of here now!” We rushed downstairs! Then we saw her…

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