Week 32: Sunny Adventures

Posted by Savannah Barker on May 21, 2018 at 6:53 PM


It was a week spent appreciating the beautiful weather and our outdoor learning spaces. The week at Linden began with our annual Art Show, where the girls were all very excited to have their artwork displayed for their friends and family to see. The rest of the week was filled with time at the park, 






All set for Art Show!




N and G 


The class


G and A




The girls practice their "Papillon" song during music/French class this afternoon. Using gestures helps them remember the words despite the entire song being in French.


P is experimenting with making "smoothies" during Learning Centres today. She needs to add all of the ingredients together before pouring out smaller smoothies and serving them to her classmates. 


G builds two separate bear hotels and connects them with a pathway, which the bears are able to take to move between the structures. G was especially patient as she balanced the pink and purple blocks on each side of the upside down, c-shaped green block.


In CERES, all of the girls practice answering multiple-choice questions using Plicker cards. The cards work by holding them in one-of-four directions that correspond to answers, and then taking a photo of all of the participants' responses. The program generates a graph that represents all of the answers. The girls loved being able to vote as well as create their own questions.


After spending some time writing at the park, A is excited to play on the climber. She uses her incredible strength not only to do the monkey bars, but also to get herself down using the attached pole. 


N is pretty happy being at the park on a sunny day. She practices holding onto the railing nice and tight, which should help her become more comfortable doing the monkey bars. 


It is that time of year again - preparing for Junior Drama Night (on May 31st). The girls all got to bring their scripts home over the weekend for the first time, and many of them were excited to practice all together. G reads out her highlighted lines during our first read through. 


Today at Linden it is Visit Day for new students. The Early Learners are excited to welcome O into our classroom and show her the daily routines. 


We play a fun game of Go Fish this morning for our math lesson. The Early Learners are working on recognizing and reading numerals, finding matches, strategizing for card requests and being okay if their request was not successful. 


K, A, N and G work together to move the mini house during recess. The girls decided that instead of pushing the mini house, they would use a skipping rope to pull it to the spot that they want. 


O pretends that the badminton birdie and tennis ball are an ice cream cone.


For today's All School activity, we head out with the visiting new students on a ravine photo scavenger hunt. K, A, and their new friend A point out a fairy house that they spotted on the hike.


O and P loved searching the ravine for different animals, hidden fairy doors, and geocaches. 


M, in grade 4, enjoyed reading a book to O during today's Reading Buddies time.