Week Four: Student Bloggers in September

Posted by Savannah Barker on October 03, 2018 at 4:26 PM


This week's bog, highlighting all of the incredible experiences we had during Week Without Walls, is brought to you by the Early Learners. Enjoy seeing the photos of the week from their perspective through the captions. 


"I was putting the sand on the turtle and I was super shy of doing it." - O

"We were learning about turtle island." - AB


"I was at the fountain with Z (grade 6)." - AB

"Savannah took a picture of AB." - O


"That’s me and M (grade 6). M was my partner." - O


"I was at the play area and I was finding flowers. They were on the ground but they were still alive. I think they just fell off when they were growing." - AB


N was making sketches of the different artifacts around the ROM's First People's exhibit.


"We were the music room. We were dancing around. I was sitting on the chairs." - O


"That was me with my old rainboots and I didn’t wear my new rainbows." - O

"We were at the CN Tower." - AB

"We took the elevator all the way to the top." - O


"We’re at the CN Tower." - AB

"I was looking at the air and Savannah was taking a picture." - N

"We were upside down." - AK

"I’m upside down and I really wanted to take off my boots." - O


"I was looking at the fish and my hair was pinned up." - N


"O was sitting on her bum and AB was sitting on her bum too." - N


"I was writing a pterodactyl, it’s a type of dinosaur." - O

"O was using my leg as a table." - Savannah


"We were looking at the fish." - N


"N has paint on her forehead." - O

"I was painting but it was on my forehead, but I washed it." - N

"She was painting her model made out of clay." - AK


"That is me looking at all of those chickens." - O


"I was trying a flower. It tasted good." - N


 "I was looking for the turtle but it swam underwater." - N


"We were at Brickworks with the snapping turtle and the snapping turtle was looking right at me and staring." - AB

"Z (grade 2) had a stick and I was worried she was going to throw it at the snapping turtle but she didn’t." - AK


"All of us were sliding down and going up. V (grade 6) was helping us up and there was a giant stick and it helped us up." - AK

"I couldn’t get up so I didn’t know how to get up the mountain first, but I had to hold on to the root." - AB

"I was slipping down the dirt and I wasn’t able to get up again so I tried the stick and I still slipped down." - O

"Someone was helping me up and she also got my shoe for me when I was climbing up the hill because my shoe fell off." - AK


"She was picking up sticks but I don’t know where we were." - AK

"I was building a turtle home and in the turtle home there was food. The turtles have a playground but no swimming in it." - N

"We were at Brickworks!" - AB


"We were doing our cheer. We had a yellow thing and that’s when we all finished. Then we had a ball and we were hitting it all over the place." - AK

"We were playing pillow polo." - O & AB


"AB was playing." - O


"N was covering her eyes and she was making something and she did it." - O

"It was hard." - N


"So I was in a wheelchair because we were playing wheelchair basketball. It was fun to be in a wheelchair but my arms were definitely tired." - AB