Week Nineteen: Student Bloggers in January

Posted by Savannah Barker on January 31, 2019 at 1:09 PM


This week's blog captions are brought to you by the Early Learners. Enjoy!


“We were playing with water and we were using animals and shells. We were having lots and lots and lots of fun.” – AK

“I was being very careful of not spilling the water but AK a little bit spilled some water.” – OG

“I was being careful too, OG.” – AK


“Me and K (grade 2) were eating icicles.” – AK


“I was licking my drink snow and I was also drinking it and I was getting another one cause that one’s all finished. I put the icicles in it.” – NM


“Me and NM and AK, AK was building a graph. She started with A, and then B, and then C… I mean A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z.” – OG

“AK was putting the ABCD letters together.” – NM

“I was doing my graph of letters and I really enjoyed it and I was happy my friends were helping me.” – AK


“I was telling my checks and I wrote a number in a circle each one that had most numbers, but ‘yes’ had most numbers.” – OG


“I was doing some writing about the big library in the whole city and it can be in Toronto.” – NM


“We were playing with baby E and we had fun doing it. AB was away on that day and we really had fun and we really really really liked playing with them. Soteira, their mommy, we played really good with them and we even gave them a book for me to read to them and stuffies for them.” – AK


“We were making plans for our jellyfish.” –AK


“I was squirting water on the animals and they can get more water and they were swimming. They were having a bath so they can be much clean.” – NM


“I was looking at the 100 board and I was looking at the numbers on to see which grade was most and which was not, and maybe.” – AK


“I was doing my numbers for my data and I was counting how much data I got and it was so much fun surveying friends.” – AB


“I was asking AB if she liked to come to my restaurant. There was a movie theatre and also a library.” – AK

“And I was counting how much people I got in the boxes.” – AB


“I was doing my, I was working on the movie.” – AK


“That is me. I build my carwash for the cars to have a bath in my construction thing.” – OG


“I was writing my name and everything I do on a paper and the paper is on the door of the library.” – OG


“I was red and we was blocking each other.” – NM


“Me and G (grade 1), we are playing chess with Savannah and AK.” – AB

“We were playing chess and we were winning. And it was so fun fun fun.” – AK


“I don’t know what I’m holding, but I’m trying to get a better look.” – AB

“She was looking at one of my acorns.” –OG


“We were doing our play and I was mermaid-Hello-Kitty that lives in the Atlantic ocean.” – AK

“So I was the narrator and I was telling the story of the Hello Kitty and Wand and Petra.” – AB

“We do a play and I was Petra and I left my castle and we didn’t know each other and we go to my castle and Hello Kitty don’t know how to use stuff so she put the teacup on her head.” - NM