Grade 12s Lead Spirit Week, Filled With Exploration-Themed Fun

Posted by Emilee Francis on March 25, 2024 at 9:09 PM

In a longstanding tradition, Term 2 concludes with Spirit Week, in which Linden’s Grade 12 students lead community-building activities for students and staff alike. They decorated every inch of the school to reflect their chosen theme of exploration, and each day, students and teachers dressed up in creative and whimsical costumes that reflected the exploration of space, oceans, caves, the Arctic, and jungles.

Shouts and laughter filled the air as students enjoyed lunchtime activities staged by the Grade 12s, ranging from rocket building to mysterious glow-in-the-dark mazes and collaborative scavenger hunts. Spirit Week’s grand finale was a sensational Lip-Sync Battle between grades and an entertaining Carnival held by the Grade 11 students. 

Students left for March Break feeling happy and exhilarated!