Senior Ball Hockey: Fearless, Fiesty, and Fierce

Posted by Admin on May 07, 2017 at 10:06 PM


By Proud Coaches Savannah Barker and Deidre Macpherson

With only 4 weeks of practices under their belt, the Linden Senior ball hockey team clinched a spot in the semi-finals at the SSAF U20 championship tournament on Wednesday, May 3rd. Our team knew we were up against four experienced and powerful teams, but the girls were prepared to give it their all. The girls’ determination shone through as they played smart and skilled ball hockey. Their “first-to-the-ball” mindset resulted in numerous shorts on net (and goals), while also maintaining solid play in the defensive zone. Short only one point after the round-robin portion, we found ourselves matched up against Everest College, a team that had gone undefeated all day. Despite the girls’ best efforts to fight hard, play smart, and give it their all on the rink, Everest prevented us from making it to the finals.

Congratulations on an amazing season of hustle and commitment: Edie, Ellen, Mieko, Sophie Q, Isobel, Lili, Sophie, Emma, Bianca, Charlotte, Ladia, Maud, Sabrije, Sam, and Sophie!