Week 1: Nature Treasures and New Friends

Posted by Admin on September 11, 2017 at 2:19 PM


Back to school is one of my favourite times of the year - the teachers are fresh, the kids are excited, and the weather is still absolutely beautiful. It has been so nice to get back into things in the Early Learning class, and I am thrilled to welcome three new students: A, K, and P. G is now our in-house expert Early Learner, and is quickly teaching the new girls the ways of Linden. This (short) week was jam packed with activities, from a class breakfast and Linden's annual birthday celebration on Wednesday to picture day and a ravine walk on Friday. Our new Early Learners are curious about the daily routines, and they are enjoying exploring all of the materials we have in the classroom. I look forward to another year of sharing their learning journeys with you through this blog. Stay tuned each week for weekly updates!


The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s (many "graduated" ELs) hold candles to celebrate Linden's 25th birthday in the gym. Our youngest learner, P, even had the honour of lighting the "main" candle in the middle of the gym.


A is thinking about what to write down in her first story during Writer's Workshop. She has begun by drawing herself, and is brainstorming what else to add.


P thinks that she's made a mistake in her story, and gives me a real face-palm.


G is excited to get back to working with the gems and creates a beautiful design on the table.


K takes her time to carefully place the correct patten blocks on top of the template. After exploring these at the New Students Breakfast, she was eager to continue trying them today.


G tells me that she has created a pen for the animals. She struggles here to stand up the dinosaur alongside the other animals, and realizes that its legs are different which is why she is having a problem.


K shows us her expert hopscotch abilities. She hops all recess long!


Brie helps coach A and P through tracing over their pencil lines in their self-portraits. Take a look at their pencil grips!


K notices that when she puts the magnifying glass really close to her face, my face ends up looking huge.


After sketching her nature treasure, A decides that she wants to measure it. She tells me that the feather is even bigger than the ruler!


A examines the nature treasure that G brought into class. After much deliberation the girls decide that it seems like it came from a bush, and the little green things might be flowers or seeds. We're going to wait and see if the flowers end up blooming in the classroom.


K and Z hold hands as we walk with the Grade 1-2 class to the ravine.


We are thrilled to share one of our favourite places near Linden with our new friends. 


Big smiles from G and K after they splashed in a puddle and hiked up the hill.


P has been wanting to paint all week, and she finally has her chance. She carefully selects 3 colours: peach, pink and red, and paints a lovely picture with only those three colours.


Inspired by P, A also wants to paint with the same colours P is using. She chooses a larger sponge brush, and she gets right to work on her masterpiece.


K and G spend time together in the Drama Centre, and they seem to be having a wonderful lunch. My pretend phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from K.