Linden’s grads deepen understanding of colonization

Posted by Admin on May 31, 2019 at 10:16 AM

Linden’s graduates traditionally mark their final year together with a trip abroad that combines volunteering and fun. Over a year before the event, they research possibilities, decide on a destination and itinerary, set a budget, and raise funds to make it happen.

This year’s graduating class broke with tradition and chose an educational trip. Inspired by the recurring theme of colonization in their English class, they travelled to the Dominican Republic not only to enjoy the sun, sand and sights, but to learn more about how colonization and tourism impact the country and its people.

“We were surprised to learn that a lot of people actually admire Columbus,” said Isobel during a recap presentation to the school.

“It is hard for the Dominican Republic to regulate environmentally sensitive areas because the land is owned by other countries,” said Rachel. “Selling their land provides short term economic gain for the Dominican to pay for other things they need.”

They rounded out their week with trips to the beach, Monkeyland, ziplining, and visits to historic sites including Santo Domingo and its underground lakes.

“What a great week! Staying in local accommodations rather than a resort provided a new and interesting perspective and allowed us to learn so much about the culture,” said Rachel. “We grew closer as friends and had a great time together, an experience that perfectly wraps up and summarizes our last year at Linden."