Junior Basketball Players End the Season on a High Note!

Posted by Admin on December 04, 2017 at 3:45 PM


By Ruthie Szamosi, Guidance and Learning Counsellor, and Coach

On November 23, the Junior Basketball Team played their last game in an intense and competitive season. All players on the team showed real dedication, coming to every practice with a positive attitude and ready to work, even when we held practice sessions on the same day as their soccer tournament!

Our athletes played hard and strong in each game and improved steadily throughout the season. They learned to take more shots, to set solid picks, to make clean passes, and to work together on both offense and defense. They encouraged each other, asked great questions, and gave great feedback. Congratulations, Junior Basketball Players, for all of your hard work, and for ending the season on such a high note!


Above: Illustration from a comic book created by our art students to celebrate the Junior Basketball season.