Introducing Our New CERES Lab at Linden!

Posted by Admin on June 27, 2017 at 3:01 PM


Logo design by Beth Alexander, Linden STEM Teacher.

The new Coding, Engineering, Robotics, Electronics, Science (CERES) Lab at Linden aims to:

  • Develop advanced coding and engineering skills in girls from the early years at Linden
  • Empower girls to see themselves as creators of technology, and not just its consumers
  • Promote critical thinking and creative skills by focused engagement in the technological design process
  • Connect coding, design, and engineering to issues of social justice by empowering girls to use these skills to solve problems in the world
  • Develop practical skills in safe woodworking, electronics, and robotics
  • Encourage girls to pursue STEM and ICT at secondary and post-secondary levels
  • Integrate engineering with science, math, and computer studies

We will be busy all summer getting the lab ready and look forward to unveiling it this fall!