International Day of the Girl 2017

Posted by Admin on October 23, 2017 at 4:06 PM


By Liana and Emma, Grade 12, and Jazmin Walters, Linden Teacher

On October 12th, we (Liana and Emma, Grade 12 students) hosted an International Day of the Girl themed All-School event. We created an activity where students and staff members joined their Linden "families" and worked on a collective art piece. The art piece comprises a mosaic with the female symbol connecting each family's vision.

This was a great opportunity for Linden families to have rich discussions about International Day of the Girl, the accomplishments women have enjoyed, what makes us proud to be girls and women, and the work that still must be done to ensure equity. This All-School activity was also helpful for new students because it strengthened their connection to our community and our collective work to empower girls and women.

The art piece is displayed next to the gym. We would love for you to see it whenever you drop by Linden!