Week 6: Inspired Artists

Posted by Admin on October 16, 2017 at 2:36 PM


It was great to come back to school after an exciting Week Without Walls around the city last week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we talked about all of the things that we are thankful or grateful for. The girls mentioned their families, the food they eat, the clothing they wear, the bees and the honey, and even the paper that we try not to waste. You'll see in our photo story below that the girls were busy at play and work in the classroom all week, painting, writing, building, and more. The weather even held out for us on Friday and we had an extra-long ravine experience - take a look!


A dresses up in this unique vest and hat combination while playing in the Drama Centre. She tells me that she hasn't seen a vest like this before.


P practices writing different numbers while she works at the Math Centre. 


A is covered in flour after baking buttermilk biscuits during cooking club.


P and A share their artwork with me when I stopped into Art this afternoon.


K creates our October calendar using a calendar example. It is great practice for writing her numbers, and gives us a chance to correct any reversals that come up.


A experiments with the large googly-eyes after putting them out on the Light Table.


The girls all work together to tidy up the materials on the Light Table. Sometimes we need extra hands to clean up.


G adds a caption to a photo taken of her and G in grade 6 during Week Without Walls. It is amazing how much a new inspiration can motivate a girl to write.


G practices her rhyming skills with our rhyming game during literacy centres. She is thrilled to have matched up all of the cards.


P practices writing the letters corresponding to the recent sounds we've learned. 


A uses our new sight word spinner to practice reading and writing some new sight words. She is seeing which word gets spun the most. 


K builds a palace and enjoys adding gems to jazz it up.


P takes notes at her job to make sure she knows what her clients want.


A experiments with elasticity using the geoboards at the Discovery Centre. She is designing a parking lot at McDonalds and is proud that she was able to use the elastics to attach two boards together.


A and P work together to build a rooftop representation.


A is proud to share her LEGO creation.


K designs stars using the elastics and geoboards. She explains that she started with an 'x' and then put one down the middle, another across the middle, and the last one along the bottom.


G is inspired by an Indigenous artist, Christi Belcourt, whose work we were fortunate to examine at the Art Gallery of Ontario. G explains that she is making lots of spirals for her story.


A and P high-five after one of them rolls a higher number during our game "who has more?".


K and G add up the amounts on their dice to see who has the larger sum.


When we realized that the tree tent that we had discovered in the ravine last year had been dismantled, the girls expressed interest in rebuilding something themselves. They are collecting different sized sticks to use in the shelter they are building together. 


"We love building!"