Grade 8 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines

Posted by Admin on November 23, 2016 at 2:15 PM


By Beth Alexander, Grade 8 Teacher

Our Grade 8 Science and Technology class is studying the physics of fluids. At the end of their unit, the girls are hard at work at applying their knowledge and strengthening their engineering skills as they build and test inventions that use fluids to move. They chose between inventing pneumatic systems (which transfer force through a gas) and hydraulic systems (which use a liquid.)

Some of the inventions include a hydraulic plant waterer and "The Pneumatic Livinator," a type of carnival ride. The girls are also finding inventive ways to re-purpose materials. Lucia, who is building a hydraulic brake, remarked, "I'm proud of the way the arm moves. Two sets of syringes move the arm and the claw. They are able to articulate because of the axles: I made one out of a dowel and the other out of a paper clip."

The girls are discovering that moving parts within a system present all sorts of challenges along the way. "Troubleshooting is finding problems and fixing them. I do this by testing my parts and trying new things", says Sophie. "Although the hardest part is sometimes waiting for the glue to dry," says Lily.

If you are interested in seeing more science projects at Linden, don't miss our Annual Science and Technology Fair in February 2017!