Grade 7 Students Create a Mini Ecosystem

Posted by Admin on October 24, 2016 at 11:24 AM


In science classes, we encourage students to actively engage in their own learning and integrate their personal learning styles into classroom activities. Students work collaboratively with their peers while also taking on leadership roles through presentations, laboratory work, and debates.

The Grade 7 Science class is currently working on a science project that involves creating a mini ecosystem and monitoring it for a period of two weeks. This is part of the unit on "Interactions and the Environment." The project goal is to help students understand the interaction between living and non-living organisms and consider basic needs, such as sunlight, air, water, food, and ideal temperature range. The girls have completed their research on the organisms, and have planned and built a sustainable ecosystem. Through hands-on exploration, the girls will follow scientific methods of observation to analyze their work and develop a presentation of their findings.