Festival of Lights 2023: A Celebration to Remember!

Posted by Emilee Francis on March 21, 2024 at 2:24 PM


It was clear from the beginning that the evening would be special: Festival of Lights opened with our youngest students performing a colourful Land Acknowledgement, based on Jenny’s experience salmon fishing with her daughter in Tkaronto’s rivers, highlighting the importance of the land and its abundant resources and the way we interact with it.

Linden’s music students performed a variety of modern and traditional tunes. We applaud both the seasoned musicians for taking on challenging pieces, and those who are very new to their instruments who have made incredible strides in a short time. Grade 7 students performed their own collaborative composition, Northern Lights.

The French Choir performed S’il Suffisait d’Aimer, and the Kindergarten/Grade 1s delighted us with Cinq Petit Moutouns 

Linden poets also took the stage. Cassidy, Clara and Polly shared their own poems, and Danuvi Zoli read “Our Mother the Earth”. In addition, we heard Linden’s Grade 9 students’ interpretations of “My Honest Poem”. Their deeply personal and brave poems of self-reflection were powerfully performed by senior English and Drama students who had the audience rapt. 


Beth honoured Nasrin’s most recent contribution as Interim Principal, and we heard from Zahra Valani, who becomes Linden’s principal at the start of Term 2. Welcome Zahra!

The night closed with a performance of The Final Countdown by Linden's Chamber Strings. 

Thanks to all who attended. It was wonderful to see longstanding and new members of the Linden community.