Exciting Senior (U20) Ball Hockey Season

Posted by Admin on May 08, 2018 at 3:31 PM


By Toni Spilfogel, Grade 12

The Linden Senior Ball Hockey Team had another successful season at the SSAF U20 tournament on May 2, 2018. After a month of weekly practices, the girls were ready to take on the competition. The team played extremely well, always looking to take shots on net as well as defend our own. Each game was more exciting than the last, but they were always action-packed.

In total, our team played six 20-minute games, resulting in us being completely exhausted and proud by the end of the day. We are extremely proud of our sportswomanship, team spirit, and fourth place title.

Overall this tournament was an absolute success in terms of gameplay as well as comradery amongst the team. The day ended on a sweet note as the team celebrated our accomplishments at a Dairy Queen nearby. We are grateful for our coaches Beth and Savannah and thank them for their time and effort. Congratulations Senior Team!