Annual Giving Appeal

Linden helps prepare our students to find their voice and change the world for the better. Please support our endeavours by contributing to the 2020 Annual Giving Appeal which allows you to allocate funds based on the impact that you would like to have. Every donation counts, and no gift is too small to make a difference!


You can support any number of items below! Just enter your donation amount and press the "add to cart" button to load each contribution.

Rooftop Garden

$1000 raised
Goal: $2000
Help us purchase supplies for a new rooftop garden that will be stewarded by our elementary students, helping them learn about the environment while enhancing the rooftop space and local biodiversity.

Rooftop Hive Program

$3700 raised
Goal: $3700
Help support and expand our hugely successful honeybee program with the addition of a second hive that will enhance the local environment and utilize pollinator plants in the new garden.


$880 raised
Goal: $1000
Having purchased new balances for the science lab with donor support this past year, we would like to purchase new compound microscopes at $500 each.

Distanced Senior Drama

$850 raised
Goal: $3000
Help our senior drama students with support for technology and mentoring as they work to deliver a first class virtual drama production in the coming year.

Bursary Fund

$3820 raised
Goal: $20000
Help recognize Tara’s contributions to Linden by supporting one of her top priorities — making a Linden education affordable to as many students as possible.

The Principal’s Fund

$16810 raised
Goal: $30000
Help support the school’s $100,000 investment in building upgrades and technology to adapt to Covid-19, and support Tara in funding other priorities that may arise during the year.

Total: $0

* While the Linden School will make best efforts to implement the funded initiatives, unexpected circumstances may result in donations being reallocated at the discretion of the school Principal.