Celebrating Our 2021 Graduates

Posted by Admin on May 28, 2021 at 11:17 AM


This webpage has been created in honour of our 2020–2021 academic year graduates. Here, you’ll find our graduate profiles and a message from Nasrin Matini, Interim School Principal. 

Linden's Grade 12 diploma presentation and traditional Celebration to Greet the Summer took place online on June 17, 2021. It includes a video produced by the Grade 11s to commemorate special memories honouring these exceptional leaders as well as their speeches. Watch the event replay here: www.lindenschool.ca/cgts2021replay

Message from Interim School Principal Nasrin Matini

Amelia, Bea, Juliana and Matigan: Clearly it will take more than a year of pandemic-imposed uncertainty, lockdowns, and restrictions to stop you from being exceptional role models and school leaders. Your enthusiasm and positivity were everywhere! You planned an amazing, creative Spirit Week, hosted an excellent information night for middle school families, and so much more — all the while achieving your academic goals and living Linden’s mission. We hope that your Linden experiences continue to shape your lives beyond graduation, and that the wonderful bonds you have forged with one another will endure. The world is full of tremendous opportunities just waiting for you. We know you will pursue your hopes and dreams courageously; and as changemakers, you will make this world a better place.

Special Messages from Faculty, Students, Friends, and Family

Post congratulatory messages to our grads letting them know how proud you are of them and share your excitement for their next journey.

Graduate Profiles

Beatrice Moritz | Grade 6 - 12

McGill-bound Bea: grateful for being pushed out of her comfort zone

Beatrice “Bea” Moritz came to The Linden School as an eager sixth-grader bursting with curiosity. Throughout her years at Linden, Bea participated in everything she could to get the most out of her experience. Along with playing almost every sport at Linden, Bea tapped into her creative side with stints in the advanced strings club, senior drama club, and yearbook club. Linden’s 2020 subway yearbook theme came straight from Bea herself! Her days at school were spent having interesting discussions with teachers and students, dropping into the library to chat with anyone who may be there, and studying with friends in the many parks in our community. With a passion for the arts, Bea has been able to develop and expand her interests in literature, theatre, and film through various classes at Linden. Bea is heading to McGill University’s Faculty of Arts where she will study classics and art history. Looking back on her time at Linden, Bea is grateful for the ways she was pushed out of her comfort zone and encouraged to think critically about the world around her. We’ll miss having Bea around the school, but we can’t wait to see where she’ll end up!

Juliana Eberschlag | Grade 7 - 12

“Education is a powerful instrument for change” - Juliana, headed to Queen’s

In seventh grade, Juliana Eberschlag joined the Linden community as a bustling young member. Juliana spent her time at Linden participating in clubs and tutoring, but found her greatest passion in Linden’s athletics. Attributing her love of fitness to Deidre and Forbes, Juliana was on the soccer, volleyball, cross country and ultimate frisbee teams throughout her time at Linden. As she moves onward, Juliana is grateful for all of the triumphs, challenges, and lessons learned along the way. She has prioritized learning about the world around her and appreciates the importance of education as a powerful instrument for change. Juliana will soon be studying at Queen's University in General Arts. Her hope is to study humanities and social sciences, likely with an emphasis on philosophy. All the best to you, Juliana. We cannot wait to see all that you’re capable of!

Amelia Howell | Grade 10 -12

Amelia inspired to educate others about global issues, moving on to the University of Guelph

Amelia Howell’s first year at The Linden School was in grade 10. As a senior student in the community, Amelia immediately modelled the values that are at the heart of our school. With an active mind and a creative flare, Amelia explored her interests as she participated in volleyball, ball hockey, yearbook club, and guitar club. Amelia fondly recalls her free time in the school library with her peers. Some moments were spent studying, others spent laughing to the point of tears. Engaging in class discussions led Amelia to solidify her drive for social justice, and prioritize the need to take action and educate others about global issues. Amelia’s next destination is the University of Guelph, where she will be majoring in philosophy. We’re looking forward to seeing all that you can do, Amelia!

Matigan Crozier | Grade 11 - 12

Matigan to pursue neuroscience at the University of Guelph

When Matigan Crozier joined us in eleventh grade, she knew it was “the best decision she had made in her life” and she certainly made the most of her time at The Linden School. Matigan hit the ground running as she played volleyball, ultimate frisbee, chess, and was a part of the yearbook club. Matigan often spent her spare time in the library, chatting and laughing with her peers. Even though her time at Linden was interrupted by the pandemic, Matigan made lasting impressions on those around her. Through her schoolwork, and meaningful discussions with her teachers, Matigan developed her strong passion for science and math. Her next stop is the University of Guelph, where she will be studying neuroscience. We send our best wishes to Matigan; we’re sure you’ll do amazing things!