Jacqueline Scott Leads Linden on a Transformative Ravine Walk for Black History Month

Posted by Emilee Francis on March 25, 2024 at 8:05 PM

Linden marked Black History Month with a ravine walk for all students led by author and PhD candidate Jacqueline Scott, an expert in the intersection of history, race and nature. Through provocative questions, she challenged students to use a different lens to view urban green spaces such as parks, gardens and ravines.

Who do we typically see enjoying ravines? What are the benefits to being in nature? Who is able to access these spaces, and the wildlife that lives there? She invited students to compare the experience of those who live in the majestic homes overlooking ravines to the experience of apartment dwellers for whom it is more difficult and time-consuming to access green spaces, and enjoy the associated tranquility and health benefits.

Walks were punctuated with sightings of hawks, eagles and woodpeckers!

Our youngest students grappled with viewing off-leash dogs in a different way, and were thoughtful when Jaqueline explained why a Black person might be triggered by dogs running toward them. “Putting the dogs on the leash where they are supposed to be can make diverse people feel safe and comfortable in parks and ravines,she said.

Conversation and reflection continue in classes, and we encourage families to continue these discussions at home.