Week 2: Beautiful Numbers and Dots

Posted by Admin on September 18, 2017 at 9:09 PM


It has been another wonderful week in the early learning classroom. Our new girls got more familiar with routines, all of the learning centres were explored, and we spent a ton of time outdoors. Each of the girls was excited to make her birthday lantern, and we are looking forward to displaying them in the classroom. Friday was an extra special day with a ravine colour hunt and a visit from the bee keepers!


K designs "beautiful numbers" at the Math Centre. After using the gems to decorate the zero, layer after layer, she carefully adds a border.


A gently paints a water/glue mixture onto the doily to create a paper-maché effect. She liked smoothing down the edges with her brush.


K smirks from under the parachute tent that the girls set up on the roof. It provides nice shade from the sun, as well as a space to hang out with friends.


During writer's workshop, K wants to draw a picture of a person, but doesn't think that she knows how. She uses a book cover to help her get the picture just right.


G points out her pattern during our morning math lesson: "red heart, red cube, red heart, red cube".


K and G work together to create an extra long pattern with four different materials. Together they determine which item comes next in the sequence "bear, heart, blue gem, clear gem".


P uses two beautiful materials to create her own pattern: "red heart, blue circle".


A shares the fairy dust that she has made with me. 


A lot of eager girls during CERES class today. We are learning the difference between rigid and flexible materials.


G and K experiment with cardboard to create something that has both rigid and flexible parts to it.


K smears petroleum jelly all over the balloon in preparation of making her birthday lantern.


During literacy centres this morning, A is on the hunt of the sight word "I" in our poem of the week.


G makes an important call while working in the Drama Centre. 


While at the Discovery Centre, A wants to take notes on her investigations. She has been balancing natural materials in a scale, figuring out which are "bigger".


P wants to mix paint colours together to see what colour it makes. She carefully pours two separate piles so she can mix them on her own with a brush.


We played "Roll the Dice" math game this morning. Each girl got different results for which number came up the most in her rolls, and tried to mark it with a star. 


It is P's turn to make her birthday lantern. You can really see the care that she takes in her work.


Our reading buddies are here today! Z reads a humours book about a pampered dog to A, who couldn't help but giggle the whole way through.


S brought two of her favourite books from home to share with K today. By the looks of it, they are both enjoying the stories.


It is "dot day" today, a day inspired by The Dot, a story about being creative and experimenting with art. Together, the girls created this stunning collaborative dot artwork.


P explores some of the less familiar materials at our Math Centre. 


P shows us her strength as she climbs up these structures on the roof.


K and Z showcase their materials as we embark on a colour hunt in the ravine. The goal is to find objects or natural materials that match the colours on this legend.


The bee keepers are at Linden this Friday afternoon, taking care of the hives.