Art Club Takes Inspiration from Alexa Meade!

Posted by Admin on December 10, 2015 at 4:00 PM



The Senior Art Club participated in their first art workshop studying contemporary artist Alexa Meade, who is famous for revolutionizing how we perceive 2-dimensional art and how we create "paintings." Ms. Meade does not paint on a canvas but directly onto her subjects, taking a 3-dimensional person and painting them to look like a 2-dimensional painting. She then incorporates digital photography to capture the moments created in this form of performance art.

Senior Art Club members created their own version of an Alexa Meade “painting.” By painting on clothing, accessories and background sets they captured the essence of an Alexa Meade work of art in a truly unique way. Linden artists worked for a month, every Friday after school, to paint on clothing, hats, ties, sets, and each other to practice the art of "Alexa Meade." We recently revealed our hard work with our very talented model who brought the character to life. The next step was to take the work to the streets of Toronto where we captured some truly unique and inspiring moments that juxtapose the two worlds of 2-dimensional space with 3-dimensional life.

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