Linden Alumna Corey Gulkin Releases New Album: All the Things I'll Forget


Linden alumna and singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin was recently interviewed about her upcoming album, All the Things I'll Forget, by Nantali Indongo from CBC Montreal. 

"I made All the Things I'll Forget to process my grief and rage in recovering from an abusive relationship, to transform it into something larger than myself, to try to learn to carry my own trauma with confidence. I wanted to share that with as many people as I could — maybe a fellow survivor, an ally trying to help a friend through a difficult time, an innocent bystander, or maybe an abuser," Corey shared with us.

In the CBC interview, Corey chats about her new album, the #MeToo movement, and transforming trauma into art. Watch the interview here! (Corey's pieces starts at 15:20).

Corey attended Linden from Grade 5 to Grade 10 (2003). Read more about her, and listen to her music.