100% University Acceptance Rate.

Majors range from Engineering to English to Economics.

Linden offers an enriched, challenging academic program that helps students gain the knowledge, work habits, research, writing, and critical-thinking skills they need to succeed at university. Although we emphasize math and science, we offer a range of high school courses including AP courses, visual and performing arts, social sciences, languages (Spanish, and French), business and computer studies. Our students receive extensive individual guidance in choosing university programs and exploring career options.

We have a 100% university acceptance rate, and our students enter university with unshakable confidence, intellectual curiosity, and the desire to innovate. Whether leading their school’s debating club, excelling in athletics, performing in drama productions, or simply having the confidence to ask questions in a lecture hall of 300 people, Linden graduates use their strong voices to make their mark. Our alumnae have gone on to achieve success in a wide range of careers spanning the performing arts, global advocacy and education, business and technology, and science and engineering.

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University Admission Trends for the Past Five Years

Our graduating classes apply to universities across Canada and receive offers to a range of programs. Recent graduates show strong interest in science and business programs at the post-secondary level. Some of our recent placements include:

University of Western Ontario – Psychology
University of Victoria – Women and Gender Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University – Business and Economics
University of Waterloo- Co-op Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Biology, Business
Ryerson University - Business, Sports Media, Communications
University of Guelph – Arts and Sciences  
University of Toronto – Arts and Science, Neuroscience
McGill University – Health Sciences, Physical, Earth, Math and C Science
Concordia University – Art Education
Sheridan College – Visual and Creative Arts 

Conversations with Linden Alumnae

Arlie Millyard

Natasha Poley, Class of 2015

Natasha discusses her experiences at the University of Waterloo and her co-curricular interests.

Tara Moayed

Corey Gulkin, Class of 2005

Corey shares thoughts on her accomplishments and budding musical career.

Arlie Millyard

Arlie Millyard, Class of 2011

Arlie talks about her experiences at university and beyond.

Tara Moayed

Tara Moayed, Class of 2005

Tara discusses her current work in international development.

Gillian Gardhouse

Gillian Gardhouse, P.Eng., Class of 2004

Gillian discusses her career choices and future plans.

Emma Thomson

Emma Thomson, Class of 2013

Emma discusses her studies and her work with various startups.

Christina Doherty

Christina Doherty, Class of 2015 

Christina shares her thoughts on being a first year Kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo.

Alannah Bloch

Alannah Bloch, Class of 2011

Alannah discusses her new show The Wyrd Sisters, and her roles as actor, director, and playwright.

Linden Graduates Making a Difference:

Kyrie Vala-Webb, Class of 2008

“I attended Linden from grades 4 to 12, and after graduating, attended the University of Waterloo for an entirely new interdisciplinary program called Knowledge Integration. This program allowed me to tap into my interests in both the sciences and the arts, including computer science, history, calculus and economics.

Linden’s teachers challenged me to be a strong, self-motivated student, to have confidence in myself, to take risks, and to see myself as responsible to the world around me. These lessons prepared me to excel in my post secondary education, and have provided a solid foundation for my life.

My academic life was challenging and stimulating; I constantly met new people and nurtured old friendships; and I was heavily involved in student government and women’s activism groups on campus. After speaking up in class, I was asked to help change Waterloo’s computer studies curriculum to better address the needs of female students. I strongly believe that I took advantage of the amazing opportunities in my university because of my time at Linden.”

Sarah Shteir, Class of 1998

“I joined Linden in 1993, as a grade 9 student and founding daughter. I felt at home almost immediately. The sense of community, the small classes, and the approachable and intimate teaching style all helped make my five years of high school precious, invigorating, and challenging. The strong focus at Linden on teaching histories and perspectives that are normally marginalized encouraged my interest in, and knowledge of, histories of colonization and imperialism, women’s histories, and women’s rights. Linden helped nurture my self-confidence and passion for women’s rights and engagement in the wider world, and these remain with me to this day.

After graduating from Linden, I completed my Bachelors at McGill University and my Master’s at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Since then, I have been working for the Australian government’s Asia Pacific Civil-Military Centre of Excellence in Canberra. There, I am involved in research on a wide range of issues, including protection of civilians, with a focus on women, UN peacekeeping and Australia’s role in conflict and disaster response.”