Middle School

Middle School



A distinct community within a community

At Linden, middle school students grow into critical and independent thinkers. Filled with happy smiles and an eagerness to learn, students can branch out and discover their passions. Teachers facilitate discussions that question accepted norms and stereotypes. The middle school Linden family offers students a distinct community within a community. Activities like peer tutoring and intramurals provide opportunities to positively affect the younger students in the school, be mentored by the older students, and develop their own set of leadership skills.


Preparing for High School

At Linden, we believe the middle school girls should have some beginning practice taking exams. We start supporting the development of that skill in Grade 7. Teachers teach students how to study for and write exams in a low risk and supportive environment. As a result of regular practice, our students develop habits of successful exam-taking before high school.