Senior School


Senior school is a time to consolidate learning, take hold of mentoring opportunities and lead by example. Girls in our senior school are beginning to think of their future plans for university. We offer students a challenging academic program and the ability to link their passions to their academic goals. Small classes ensure that all students have the chance to demonstrate their learning and to, ultimately, be successful.

Our grade 9-12 teachers are experts in their field. Our teachers are highly committed to going beyond the Ontario Ministry standards, asking students to critically engage with questions of equity, gender, and social change as they prepare for their next academic challenge. Girls depart Linden knowing they have a voice and knowing they can demonstrate that voice in a variety of platforms.

Course Offerings

A variety of university and college level courses including AP courses for U.S. universities are available. An overview of core courses is provided below this list.

Advanced Functions
Data Management
Calculus and Vectors
Health & Physical Education
World History
Canadian History
Classical Civilizations
Media Arts Studies
Communication Technology

Personalized Support and Opportunities

Extra Academic Help

Study Hall runs daily, Monday through Thursday, from 4:00-5:00 P.M for students in grades 7-12 requiring extra assistance in a particular subject or looking for a quiet place to work. Subject teachers offer extra help before or after school, or during lunchtime, at least once a week. Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers and arrange extra help sessions during this period of the day.

University Preparation

Students in Grade 12 have individual meetings on a weekly basis with our guidance counselor to ensure they are knowledgeable about their options as they prepare for their next academic steps. Students attend the university fair, and visits to universities are arranged. Faculty are always available for reference writing and counseling to ensure students are choosing the programs that match their interests and academic goals. Linden students feel supported throughout the process and the results – attendance at top Canadian and U.S. universities – speak for themselves.

Senior Leadership

Many senior students create and run their own clubs. Sometimes, in those clubs they teach younger students activities such as basketball or guitar, or they get other students interested in a concern they may share about the environment or social change. Clubs are an essential feature of any senior student’s schedule. Our senior girls understand that they are expected to lead, to be actively engaged, and to share their engagement with others. If they have an idea, teachers provide the support to help them run with it! Every year, students in the Classics club participate in the Ontario Classics Conference.

A relatively new club at Linden is the social committee that looks for educational and social opportunities to link with other schools in the area and hosts events at the school which build community and give students a chance to relax and have fun.