Why Choose Linden?

Why Choose Linden?

Why Choose Linden?


InstagramInfographics4.jpgGirl-Centred Philosophy

The Linden School is the only school in Canada that was specifically created to incorporate cutting-edge research on girls' learning style and educational needs, particularly during adolescence and key development stages. Linden supplements the Ministry of Education prescribed curriculum to ensure that teaching and course content respond to developmental patterns of girls. Research shows that learning improves when girls construct their own understanding of concepts through discussion and experience rather than by memorizing rules or definitions.

Teaching Specialists

At Linden, faculty demonstrate a keen understanding of girls' psycho-social-physiological development, their learning styles, the role of power and relationships within the classroom, and the importance of equity and inclusivity within an educational setting—all of which are essential for girls to find and develop the sense of competence necessary for lifelong success.

Small Class Size & Academic Excellence


Linden classroom teaching includes small group work, hands-on lab assignments, case studies, cooperative strategy games, and sharing personal experiences related to the curriculum. This not only helps girls develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills, but also enhances problem-solving and communication skills, which are essential to achieving success in a wide range of disciplines and careers.

100% University Acceptance

High school students receive individual advice to ensure that they maximize their post-secondary choices. As a result, Linden graduates are able to choose from a range of universities and find themselves equipped with the skills they need to function effectively at university. Linden has produced as many success stories as it has graduates. Most notably, Zinta Zommers, a founding daughter, was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to pursue a graduate degree in Conservation Biology at Oxford. Linden's graduates not only achieve academic success, but they also tend to be leaders in their post-secondary careers. Whether it's leading their school's debating club, excelling in athletics, performing in drama productions, or simply having the confidence to ask questions in a lecture hall of 300 people, Linden graduates use their strong voices to make their mark as post-secondary students.

7GreaterCulturalCompetency.jpgEmphasis on Diversity & Equity

The Linden School actively promotes diversity within the workplace and the student body. The school's non-denominational program celebrates differences, and provides students with opportunities to learn about the history of beliefs, traditions, and celebrations of people all around the world.

Community Action

Linden students actively initiate and organize community projects. Recently, girls have launched community-based activities that range from neighbourhood recycling efforts and city-wide clothing drives, to organizing and hosting a peace symposium at the University of Toronto.