Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Bonnie Levine

Bonnie LevineBonnie Levine is a Linden parent and the Executive Director of Victim Services Toronto. Working in a variety of community and hospital settings throughout her 30-year career, Bonnie has extensive experience and expertise in designing, implementing and managing innovative programs and services with many diverse communities and vulnerable groups. She serves on the Human Resources Committee.

David Bryson

David BrysonDavid is a Linden parent with two daughters at the school. He has a background in financial management and communications, and is chief financial officer with a Canadian public mining company. David is the Co-Chair of the Board and also serves on Linden’s Finance and Advancement Committees.

Diane Goudie

Diane GoudieDiane co-founded The Linden School in 1993 because she knew there were no other schools responding to cutting-edge research about girls and their learning. In 2007, York University presented her and Eleanor Moore with an honorary doctorate, recognizing their work and the school’s mission to place girls at the centre and give them the voice and skills needed to make a difference. She serves on the Finance and Human Resources Committees.

Eleanor Moore

Eleanor MooreEleanor is a co-founder of The Linden School, and is deeply proud of the achievements made by the school in its first twenty years as a leader in an education tailored specifically to the ways girls learn best. She is proud that the school honours the key element of voice within the operations of the school and within the Board of Trustees. She serves on the Governance Committee.

George Thomson

George ThomsonGeorge is a parent of two Linden alumnae, and a volunteer who has been associated with Linden since 2002. He was Managing Partner for many years at a Toronto-based financial services company, and currently volunteers at a Toronto hospital and a children’s charity. 

Jessica Rochman-Fowler

Jessica Rochman-FowlerJessica graduated from Linden in 2005. After graduating, Jessica studied psychology at the University of Waterloo before moving on to her Bachelor of Social Work (Carleton) and her Masters of Social Work (York). Jessica has dedicated her career thus far to improving the lives of older people, particularly those experiencing Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia, through both policy and front-line work. Jessica currently works as a social worker at a long-term care facility.

John Sutton

John SuttonJohn initially served on the founding Board of Linden. He is a retired CPA with a career spent in finance, real estate, design and construction in Canada and the USA. John has returned to the Board after a long absence as the Treasurer and Chair of the Real Estate and Property Committee.

Kimberley Noble

Kimberley NobleKimberley's two Linden daughters graduated in 2007 and 2011. After two decades as an investigative financial reporter and national business correspondent for major Canadian publications, she joined the Media Studies faculty of a Toronto university. She is working on an MA thesis and collaborating on a new blog about public space. She coordinates the Archives Committee.

Odette Hutchings

Odette HutchingsOdette Hutchings graduated from Linden in 2007 and studied International Development at the University of Guelph. Her career has been spent engaging the public in global issues in unexpected ways. She is currently serving as the Executive Director of Sustainival, the world's first green carnival.

Onyka Gairey

Onyka GaireyOnyka graduated from Linden in 2012. After graduating, Onyka received an Honours Specialization in Biology and a Masters in Global Health from Western University. She spent four months inn Uganda studying the impact of fresh water resource management on community health.

Zenab Pathan

Zenab PathanZenab is an HR professional with over 10 years of experience in human resources and labour relations in the university sector. She received her Bachelor’s in Employment Relations and a Master’s in Industrial Relations and Human Resources from the University of Toronto. She is the Co-Chair of the Board and also serves on the HR Committee.


2019–2020 Board Meeting Schedule

Monday, Sept 9
Monday, October 28
Wednesday, November 20
Monday, December 9
Monday, January 20
Thursday, February 27
Thursday, March 26
Saturday, April 18 (all day retreat)
Wednesday, May 20
Thursday, June 25

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Linden School Board of Trustees?

The Linden School Board of Trustees is entrusted with planning for the future development of the school. The Board advises and oversees the principal of the school, engages in a range of development activities, and guides the school in actively pursuing our mission and vision. Daily operations and staffing decisions, among other matters, are the responsibility of the school’s principal.

Who serves on the Board?

The Board consists of approximately 12 people at any given time, each of whom is serving a 3-year term. Members include current and former parents, alumnae, former school administrators, and those in the community with needed expertise; the principal of the school is an ex-officio member of the Board. Individuals on the Board are selected to serve as the Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board also maintains two Open Chairs, through which it invites experts on a topic under discussion or presenters of relevant proposals.

What are the Board’s legal responsibilities?

The Linden School is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario and has charitable status from the federal government. These two designations mean that Board members take the broadest view of the best interests of all stakeholders. Board members have certain responsibilities and duties, including: acting in the best interests of the corporation and not in favour of any one group of constituents; avoiding conflicts of interest; and acting honestly and in good faith.

How do your meetings work?

We meet approximately once a month at the school for two hours. In keeping with the mission, the Board functions using a consensus model. Rather than using a majority-rules voting system, we strive to achieve consensus on every decision we make, both in committee and at the Board level. At the end of each meeting, the Chair ensures that we all feel our voices have been heard, and asks whether our meeting has adequately served Linden’s mission.

Are Board members expected to fundraise?

All Board members are expected to make an annual donation to the organization to contribute to the bursary fund. In addition, they are expected to attend fundraising events, and participate in annual and special campaigns. All members are expected to play a role in any future capital campaigns.

What kind of committees do you have?

The Board currently includes the following committees:

  • The Advancement Committee builds philanthropic and other resources for Linden, and works to enhance parent engagement and student enrolment and retention.
  • The Archives Committee records and preserves The Linden School’s story. This ranges from maintaining, organizing, storing, and making available documentary and other records, so that they can be used for scholarship and other approved purposes, in keeping with the school’s privacy policies.
  • The Finance Committee is responsible for securing sound fiscal planning and management for our school, and monitors the legal financial requirements necessary to maintain our charitable status. This committee assesses both opportunities and risks and helps inform Board decisions.
  • The Governance Committee develops, maintains, and documents the Board’s policies and procedures, meeting structure and agenda format, and minutes and reports from Board committees and the administration of the school. It engages in the recruitment and orientation process for the Board and maintains Board membership and renewal.
  • The Human Resources Committee supports, guides, and mentors the principal. This committee is responsible for an annual performance review of the principal and may, as requested, act as a resource for Linden employee relations. The hiring, management, and evaluation of Linden staff are the responsibility of the principal.

I am interested in joining a committee. How do I get involved?

The Board of Trustees is committed to seeking contributions from the community and drawing on a wide range of expertise. Committee members do not have to be Board members, and we are frequently seeking new members for our committees. If you have relevant expertise and are interested in volunteering, contact and tell us about yourself!

How does the Board recruit new members?

The Board is always looking for new voices and ideas. When a current trustee decides to retire from the Board, we will form an ad hoc selection committee to recruit a new member to fill the vacancy. The selection committee asks Board members for names of potential candidates, and seeks to match candidates to Board needs. The selection committee will then invite a candidate to meet with two board members to discuss what the candidate can offer and how the Board functions. If it seems to be a good fit for both parties, the candidate is invited to sit in the Open Chair at the next Board meeting. Following that meeting, the Board will determine if consensus exists on the appointment of that individual and the candidate will decide if she/he wishes to join the Board.

I am interested in joining the Board. How do I get involved?

Contact and tell us about yourself!

I have an issue that I want to bring to the Board. What should I do?

The Board strives to be an arms-length organization that is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school. Before bringing an issue to the Board, please be sure that you have discussed the issue with the school administration. If the issue requires further input, please contact the Board for more information.

Can I attend a Board meeting?

The Board of Trustees maintains two Open Chairs at every meeting. The Board will invite members of the community to sit in these Chairs when they require specific expertise, or when they wish to hear a proposal that is within its purview. Please contact the Board for more information.

How do I contact the Board?

To contact the Board please email

How can I learn more about the current Board of Trustees?

Please take a look at our biographies above to find out more about who currently serves on the Board. We regularly attend Linden events, so please stop by and introduce yourself!