Grade 10 Student Wins Scholarship to AI Education Program

Posted by Admin on January 31, 2023 at 6:47 PM

Senior math teacher Sang Lee and Grade 10 student Nasinya Patterson celebrate her award.

Grade 10 student Nasinya Patterson has been awarded a scholarship valued at $2,000 to attend an online Artificial Intelligence camp, and be mentored by experts from world-leading organizations including Stanford, MIT, and Columbia University. 

Senior math teacher Sang Lee, who has been honoured at the national level for excellence in teaching STEM, encouraged her to apply.  “I have always cared about aesthetics, design, and shapes,” she said. “Sang and other Linden teachers helped me realize that I was decent at math and science too.”

“On the application, I wrote about why I wanted to learn more about AI and my goals after high school,” said Nasinya, who is eyeing architecture programs at  McGill or the University of British Columbia. “Although my first love is environmental architecture, I am interested in computer science and coding. I’ve been developing my skills in art and design alongside math, sciences, and tech. I want a career that balances creativity and the sciences.” 

Congratulations Nasinya! We can’t wait to hear more.