YWCA Shelter Fall Clean-Up

Posted by Admin on November 19, 2016 at 11:19 PM


Students watched this video to gain a better understanding of the services offered by the shelter. 

By the Grade 5 Class

On Thursday, November 17th, students at The Linden School went to the YWCA 1st Stop Shelter. The shelter provides temporary housing for women that are homeless, women that have been abused, and women that are not safe in their homes. Students in all grades worked together to clean up leaves and bag them. We filled almost 100 bags in under an hour! In the weeks leading up to the clean-up, we collected donations of toiletries, fresh fruits, and vegetables and delivered them to the women in the shelter. Shelter staff and residents both expressed their gratitude for our work and donations from the Linden community. Stay tuned for future ways to support the YWCA 1st Stop Shelter!

“I loved it because I felt like a person who had done a very good deed. I was also really happy because we were all happy and the people at the shelter were happy.” — Polly, Grade 5

“I really really liked it because it was helping other people, but it was also really fun in general because we got to hang out with our friends, jump in some piles of leaves, and race people to the leaf pile.” — Isobel, Grade 5

“It was really nice that we were helping the community and that we were doing something good for the people around us. It was also wonderful to see that the shelter was helping people to find who they truly are.” – Meredith, Grade 5

“When we went in the building, everyone looked so happy that they got lots of donations, and they looked like they belonged there and felt safe. I also liked making new friends during the clean-up.” — Sofia, Grade 5

“I really liked the shelter because I knew that people without a lot of friends found friends at the shelter. We were also able to work together to do a small thing that was a great thing.” — Emily, Grade 5

“I was amazed to see how many bags of leaves we filled. It was really fun raking them up.” – Serena, Grade 5

“It was very fun to be there and help out.” — Jade, Grade 5