Withrow Cup: Great to be Back!

Posted by Admin on November 02, 2022 at 10:37 AM

Such wonderful energy at this year's cross-country meet! 

Joy, pride, and exhilaration characterized the Linden crowd at The Withrow Invitational Cross-Country Meet — which took place for the first time in two years!  

“It was a beautiful, exhausting, and exciting day,” said Coach Jessica Fountain. “Linden was well represented with 53 enthusiastic athletes and spectators!”

Linden’s athletes attended many early morning practices with coaches Jess, Sarah, and Natalie, and diligently trained on their own over the long weekend that preceded the race. 

Students modeled Linden’s values beautifully: they encouraged each other with loud, enthusiastic cheering, and celebrated each other’s achievements while showing respect and sportspersonship to other teams.

For younger students, it was their first competition. “Some ran, some jogged, some walked, and some skipped!” said Sarah. “And I am proud of every single one of them.”

A special shout out to Zoey who came first in her age group, and Vienna, and Jane came second and third in theirs. Grace, Arion, Marlene, and Inés received ribbons! 

“We are so grateful to all the teachers and families who came to support the athletes and help,” said Natalie. “We are already looking forward to next year!”

Vienna and Jane won medals for finishing second and third in their age group.
Zoey is elated after capturing first place!
 Grade 7 - so exuberant!
Grade 7s have fun between events
Grade 7s have fun between events
L-R - Vienna, Jane and Marlene with their medals and ribbons!
L-R - Arion and Inés celebrate their achievement