Week 34: Wishes for the Butterflies

Posted by Savannah Barker on June 01, 2018 at 3:39 PM


It has been a very special week in the Early Learning classroom. The students were welcomed back from the long weekend with a habitat filled with butterflies and enjoyed observing their behaviour for a few days. After some wonderful learning over the course of a short week, we all enjoyed a relaxing ravine hike on Friday. Enjoy the pictures from the week.


P and G are so excited this morning to see that all of the painted lady butterflies have emerged from their cocoons.


G is mesmerized by the beautiful butterflies this morning.


A stirs the mixture for the apple cider caramels that the girls are making with cooking club.


K is proud to share the sphere that she has made and then built into a structure.


G works with the toothpicks and playdoh to create a 3D figure. She explains that it has a lot of different parts and isn't like just one of the 3D figures that we talked about this morning.


A is inspired by the family book that G made earlier on, and she decides to make one that represents her family.


K and A work together to perform an internet search. They are hoping to see pictures of unicorns with rainbow hair.


A is so excited about the butterfly that wasn't yet ready to fly away.


The girls are in awe as the painted lady butterflies start to fly away. 


N observes the butterfly as it decides to rest on her hand. She is very still and calm so that the butterfly is not scared.


A uses her strength and attempts a new body movement at the playground.


A has built a remote control marble run today and is excited to show her classmates how it works. She presses the remote control and then the marble rolls all the way through the pathway to the end.


A spends her morning working at the Discovery Centre. She is trying to draw the other half of a butterfly, practicing her observational skills as well as working on her spatial awareness.


P sketches a tower that she has assembled using 3D figures. She explains that she's used a red block, a blue block, two cylinders, and then a pink cone on top.


A is proud of the "new" outfit she is rocking after today's All School. The grade 8 students put on a "sweatshop fashion show" to raise awareness about the unethical practices of many clothing companies that we are familiar with, and then they hosted a clothing swap. 


P ends her week of word practice with a "see it, read it, write it" activity. She is practicing reading and writing words that have the short vowel sound /o/ in them.


A shares a Playdoh-self that she made during class this afternoon.


The girls notice a giant mushroom growing along the side of the staircase on our weekly ravine hike. N tests out how strong it is using her water bottle.


The girls really love using these fallen logs as a natural playground. They are great about helping each other along the tricky parts.


P practices her balancing along a fallen log in the ravine.