Welcome Wendy Marie Jeanne: Language, World Culture & Travel Enthusiast

Posted by Admin on December 09, 2022 at 12:17 PM

Wendy Marie Jeanne, our new senior French teacher.

Linden recently welcomed Wendy Marie Jeanne, our new senior French teacher.

Wendy has 15 years experiencing teaching French to elementary and secondary students, including International Baccalaureate experience in Canada. She speaks English, French, and Creole.

She earned a Bachelor of Education at the Open University of Mauritius, and has participated in ongoing professional development including the ZEP (Zone d'education prioritaire) which emphasized adopting the right pedagogy to help students with learning difficulties and disorders.

Her passion for life-long learning and appreciation for world culture fuelled her desire to be an educator. Wendy encourages all her students to learn multiple languages and experience the diverse cultures of the world through language and travel.

Empowering students with critical thinking skills, and helping them through meaningful and assertive conversations to create their own truth is one of her life’s main goals. She strives to help students develop their unique voice and feel a true sense of belonging through engagement with language, words, and art.