Week One: Navigating Emotions

Posted by Admin on September 10, 2018 at 7:02 PM


Tonja Armstrong-MacInnis with Grades 1–2 students.

By Tonja Armstrong-MacInnis, Grades 1–2 Teacher

Linden's Grades 1–2 program establishes a strong academic foundation while also enabling girls to explore and develop their social skills. With the start of the new school year, we are working proactively to build a sense of community and emotional well-being within our learning community. We are also spending some time getting to know each other. It's a great opportunity to explore our feelings and discuss how we can support strong emotions on our return to school with new and returning peers.

This week, the girls brainstormed positive and challenging/not-so-positive emotions that they experience. They thought about the times they have experienced positive emotions and how these feelings came about. The girls shared their thoughts as a group and explored constructive strategies for dealing with challenging emotions. Following this exercise, the girls wrote and drew about their experiences and feelings individually.  

Here are some photos of the girls showing a variety of emotions that they picked for me to photograph: happy, sad, excited, exhausted, shy, frustrated, disappointed, crazy, confused, proud.

We are already learning so many new things. What a great start to a fabulous new school year!