Virtual Languages Night Wows Viewers

Posted by Admin on March 25, 2021 at 7:54 PM

Grade 9 Spanish students compare their schedules in a skit.

By Hannah Schaffrath

On February 4, 2021, Linden students in Grades 5-11 showcased their achievements in learning French, Spanish and Latin at Virtual Languages Night. Although it was on a virtual stage instead of the gym, students were determined to bring the same passion to the evening through their pre-recorded presentations.

To open, we saw Melody’s Grade 5 class showcasing their dramatic and comedic talents in a French performance of Petit Chaperon Rose (Little Red Riding Hood). Next up, half of the Grade 6 class acted out a touching play about an orangutan named Ginger adopting a baby tiger named Stripes. Then, the other half of our Grade 6s performed in a thought-provoking play about woodland creatures losing their homes after giants come to cut down the trees.

Later, we got some Zoom etiquette lessons from 7B. They displayed real-life scenarios that we can all relate to, like forgetting to unmute yourself, or dealing with a broken charger in a dire moment. The Grade 9s highlighted social issues that they will be covering in an upcoming Civics project, including discrepancies in COVID-19 relief for low-income areas, LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, domestic violence, and access to mental health support for youth.

To round out the evening, the Grade 11s introduced the Linden Community Broadcasting Organization. Our host Maya introduced her guests Cameron Diaz (Monica), Lin Manuel Miranda (Julia), and Jennifer Lopez (Monica). The three celebrity guests discussed some of their upcoming projects and how they’re coping with the pandemic. Then, in an incredible show of Time Travelling, Frida Khalo (Julia) popped by to sing her praise for The Linden School.

Congratulations to our students, and to teachers Martin, Melody, Coco, and Arden who put so much work — and heart — into the evening. Thank you to everyone who joined us live.

Grade 10 Latin students in a skit about a Roman envoy and a piece of missing furniture.

Grade 10 Latin students in a skit about a Roman envoy and a piece of missing furniture.


Grade 8A taking a bow after over-dubbing their favourite Animé.

Grade 8A dubbed Animé.

Grade 8B imagined a school full of the biggest TikTok stars.