Ultimate Frisbee Success!

Posted by Admin on November 01, 2019 at 4:09 PM

By Linden Coaches Deidre Macpherson and Savannah Barker

The beginning of the school year also means the start of Ultimate season for high school athletes! This year we had so many Grade 9 and 10 students join us, which gave a great infusion of energy and enthusiasm to our team.

On Wednesday, September 25, we travelled to Aurora to the annual Co-Ed U20 SSAF Ultimate Tournament where eight teams enjoyed sunny, cool temperatures and had to battle the strong cross wind on the pitch. Linden played three competitive teams in NGS, PCA and TC. Our team showcased their skills and gritty mental game play and proved that they were a fierce competitor on the field. Senior athletes Ellen, Edie, Juliana and Bea did a wonderful job leading our team all season at practices and at the tournament, giving helpful advice and building confidence amongst our young players. A special shout out to Ellen and Edie who crafted a clever cheer to win for the FOURTH consecutive time, the annual Ultimate Cheer-Off Competition! (Check it out on our @Linden_Sports Twitter account).

Thank you to all our members for a great season and all of your hard work and training: Sophie H, Criona, Jazz, Alison, Alessandra, Clare, Annie, Carly, Rowan, Sam, Juliana, Bea, Matigan, Ellen, Edie!