Truth & Reconciliation Resources

Posted by Admin on June 02, 2021 at 10:22 PM

Please post this image in your windows, your car, and other areas to honour the 215 children who died at the former Kamloops Residential School.

Celebrating diversity is an integral component of The Linden School's mission. Our faculty work within an anti-oppression framework by approaching the curriculum from multiple perspectives. Our academic inquiry includes equity and social justice issues from feminist and anti-racist viewpoints. 


Indigenous peoples have been stewards of this land for millennia. Reconciliation rests on the shoulders of settlers on this land known as Canada. Non-Indigenous people, or settlers, benefit from the historical and continued destruction of Indigenous cultures, communities, and languages. The first step in reconciliation is learning the truth about what has occurred and continues to occur on this land. Indigenous teachings tell us that history does not stay in the past. Each present-day person brings the past with them as a result of those that they knew who came before them, paving the way. We are the product of history that has come before us. Furthermore, histories and systems of colonization in North America have not disappeared, but rather have only given themselves different faces.

To commemorate and honour all those whose lives have been impacted by Canada's residential school system, we invite you to explore the following resources.




In this document, Linden faculty share resources on where to begin learning or continue learning about the history and current experiences of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.


The annual Orange Shirt Day on September 30th creates an opportunity to discuss the effects of residential schools and the legacy they have left behind.