The Magical Umbrella by Maho, Grade 4

Posted by Melody Barclay on May 25, 2020 at 10:37 AM

Students in junior grades have been creating written works based on their interests and choices. Check out the first three chapters of Maho's story about two ordinary kids with ordinary lives who are suddenly not so ordinary anymore!

Image Source: Picture Birmingham - The Magical Umbrella at Sunset

Chapter 1: The Rain Storm

Maddy and Mason, the two twins, were doing homework. Until they heard thunder!When they looked outside, it was pouring rain! So Mason said,“ We can’t focus with the rain splashing so hard on the window and with the thunder roaring in the sky so loudly. Let’s do it in the morning before our mom calls us for breakfast.”

Then Maddy said, “Good idea let’s do our homework in the morning. I need to get some sleep or I can’t focus.” Then the two twins went to sleep. 


Chapter 2: Something Different

“Wake up Mason! I thought we were going to do homework before our mom calls us for breakfast!” 

But Mason wouldn’t wake up so Maddy went down to the kitchen to  get a glass of milk and a cookie from the cookie jar. Then, when she came up again she did her homework; but something wasn’t right. First of all, Mason wasn’t in his bed and wasn’t in the room either. Then she tried to forget about Mason not being in the room. Then she realized that it was already 8:30! Except when she woke up it was 7:00 am so that couldn’t be right because it couldn’t be 1 hour and 30 min. So she listed the things that she did after she woke up. On her list was only one thing. She only went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk and a cookie. Something was definitely wrong.


Chapter 3: At School

When Maddy went to the kitchen her mom was not there. So she got an apple and then she cut a slice of bread for her breakfast. Then, she walked to her school all by herself. Maddy didn’t mind going to school by herself but it was a bit lonely. Especially because the street was quiet and the sky was all grey. When she was at school she saw Mason! But Maddy did not see Mason waking up or Mason opening the door. How did he do it so silently? The door always squeaked when someone opened it or closed it. Then Maddy’s teacher Ms. Jones said, “Are you paying attention? Maddison?”

Her real name was Madison but she thought that the name Maddison was not the kind of name she wanted. She knew that she could not change her name. Her parents named Maddy after her grandmother who was a very important person in her family. Her grandmother's name was Madeline. Her parents only called her Maddison when she got in trouble. In the first period, they had math and they were learning about multiplication. Maddison and Mason’s favourite period was math so they were pretty focused, but when Maddy looked at Mason’s face he looked like he was keeping a secret that he did not want to tell Maddy. Was the secret how he got to school?