The Linden beehive is open again!

Posted by Admin on May 08, 2018 at 3:55 PM


By Soteira Briginshaw, Lead Teacher

On Monday, April 23, Patrick, one of the beekeepers from Alvéole, came to Linden to open our rooftop hive after a long winter. The girls who looked on were happy to hear Patrick report that the bee colony is very strong and healthy. He even brought one of the bees over on his arm to show the girls how they had already been out collecting pollen and had it clinging to their legs.

During his visit, Patrick expanded the hive back to two levels and explained that in a few weeks, they would return to split the colony in order to help the hive remain at a good population for another productive spring and summer of honey making.

We look forward to more workshops and beekeeper visits from the folks at Alvéole as the weather continues to warm.